Roman ART

To begin, Roman art has been around since 500 BC-0 and is considered the continuation of Greek sculpture. Sculptures were definitely a high point during the time of the Romans because with such a high city state, all the architecture and sculptures made within the city was to create an environment of power. There are many different kinds of art that was made but some stood out more than others such as The Coliseum, Triumphal Arch(Arch of Constantine), Triumphal Column(Trajan’s Column), Augustus of Prima Porta, and Equestrian Marcus Aurelius.


Arch of Constantine

Trajan's Column, RomeAugustus of Prima Porta

Trajan’s Column                             Augustus of Prima Porta

Architecture was done for emperors and the city of Rome. Roman architecture was mainly used for practical use for baths and arenas. In 1st century B.C. Romans would develop the use of concrete.  It could be poured into any shape for arches or domes.  With concrete it allowed architects to build structures of immense size.  With creating concrete the Roman architectures were able to create the “arch” which was useful for large arches you would see in The Arch of Constantine.  It created a much larger scale than the Greeks, who used post and lintel.

Image       Image

Colossus of Constantine        Colossus of Constantine(hand)

Roman sculptures had great deal of decorations sculpted throughout their architecture.  Mainly you would see columns that would hold large buildings up but within the columns there were detailed depictions of certain art representing stories or myths.  As mentioned before, the Romans were influenced by Greek styles and would portray their gods, and their form of beauty.  Even though Roman sculptors were influenced by the Greeks, they still showed their own skill and originality in their portraits.  Portraits would typically be of emperors, generals, and senators with a sense of realism.  The detailed that was used for example would be thinning hair, double chins, crooked/broken noses-unlike the Greeks whose portraits were more idealized and perfected to be like gods without any flaws.

Roman paintings were destroyed due to the volcanic eruption that destroyed the city of Pompeii, covering it with lava that would eventually harden into rock.  Some wall paintings were preserved in the rock tells us what we know about Roman painting.  Romans would paint with a high level of naturalism along with perspective uses of light and shade.  Charming scenes from nature, portraits, and religion was popular for the Romans.

Roman art over was done to a great extent of creativity and beauty.  With Rome being a huge city state they really took advantage of that by creating much architecture throughout the city.  By doing so it showed how powerful Rome really was and what they wanted to accomplish and prove.  Majority of Roman architecture has been able to withstand tough conditions and survive through many years.  It truly is amazing to see that Roman architecture still stands today and it’s something that will be a magnificent site to see in person.

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