Egyptian ART

Egyptian art was always interesting because the ways they approached and executed there are done brilliantly.  Egyptians would use art to record their daily life events and also to show respect for their gods and those who were dead.  The art works would represent man, nature, and environment.  The art work was found in the tombs to provide company for the deceased and on temples to illustrate the presence of gods.  The art was placed in tombs to show a record of everything of their time and to keep it clear and understandable.  There was never any great detail; it was done in a way where it conveyed a short story for the viewer understands.  They would use various types of art such as painting, coloring, sculpting and architecture to show their goals and respect towards themselves and gods.

The history of Egypt had a time of 3000-1000 BC and throughout this period Egyptian art stood at a high. Unlike any other cities with art represented throughout, Egypt was in a good location because of the Nile River which made invasions hard to do. So the Egyptian sculptures and architecture wasn’t destroyed since it wasn’t a targeted area.

Egypt is filled with different types of sculptures and architecture which was stylized tremendously and would represent generic human portraits or figures in a profile view. Egyptians were able to build architectures with using sunbaked bricks from clay; it wasn’t necessarily used for anything other than architecture. When it came to sculptures and other architectures the Egyptians would use rich limestone that was found along the sides of mountains by the Nile River Valley.


Mud Brick House                                                                                Mud Bricks, Tools

Egyptians most known works of art would be the sculptures that they produced over the time being. Unlike other cultures Egyptians were only limited to few tools but regardless they were able to create giant pyramids and carved relief sculptures that are still in good shape today.


Some of the major architectures done by Egypt were the pyramids that were built for tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. The tombs for the pharaohs are the most valuable treasures were found- death masks of pharaohs made from gold and other precious stones/gems. Paintings that were buried with the Pharaohs show hieroglyphics describing family, achievements. Each finding of art was precious and is now looked at as great works of art. Not only were the tombs art and valuable but the overall architecture of the pyramid was done in a unique construction, inside and out. Starting with the outside of pyramids, they were constructed with a wide base at the bottom and as it went up, the base would be moved in each time a new blocked stone was place. By doing so the construction would come to a peak and with this process the pyramids were made with a lot of mathematical process.

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