Roman vs. Egyptian ART

To compare both, each would make large architectures that were placed throughout the city. The sculptures both ranged from gigantic to small, represented human figures, and were sculpted for high rulers. Even though both architectures looked different, they both approached the idea with the same concept-to create art for the pleasure of appreciating and viewing it.

Some things Rome and Egypt had in common were there temples and how they were used.   Both would use temples to show appreciation towards gods and examples could be pyramids and the Pantheon.


Egyptian sphynx                                                                                      Pantheon, Rome

Roman and Egyptians contrast in a lot of ways, starting with architecture and how it was done.  The Romans would use concrete in order to accomplish their large scale architecture or sculptures. Concrete allowed the Romans to be more flexible when it came to building large architectures.  They were able to create large domes and arches without the concrete breaking or crumbling during the process.  The Romans were the ones who created concrete and they took full advantage of that by developing many sculptures and architectures throughout the city.

Egyptians did their architecture in a process using cheap materials and tools but was able to accomplish great goals regardless.  The achievements that were built were done with stone, large blocks that were measured to a certain size and position.  The way they would start was building a ramp up to a flat platform, and then starting a wide base.  Each stone was placed next to each other and when one layer of blocks was completed, the next layer would be moved in and by continuing this eventually the pyramid would come to its peak.  Another huge difference between Roman and Egyptian art is that the Egyptian pyramids were very complex on the inside.  The reason for this was to prevent robbers and thieves coming into the tombs and taking valuables.  Secret chambers were created to confuse thieves and prevented robbery.


Egyptian Tool                                                                 Pyramid Chambers

Egyptian paintings were all done with a represent figure in a profile position.  The paintings were two dimensional and were used to show the life of the person and what goals or achievements the person made. Mediums used would be gesso, egg tempera, and fresco.   Also gods were represented in the paintings to show respect.  Roman paintings were different because they would capture realism and would have a scenery represented in the painting.

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