Roman and Egyptian ART continued..

Roman sculptures also would have a main focus on portraits because unlike the Greeks who they borrowed the ideal human figure, they wanted to capitalize on features.  Greek did not have strong rulers like the many Rome did.  To further there differences, Roman sculptors would do portraits with details in facial features-consentrating on realism, wisdom, old age, facial hair.  Other detail would be wrinkles in the face, bags underneath the eyes, crinkles in the forehead, and proof of injuries-scars, broken nose.  By doing this it created space from other sculptors who would approach portraits in more of a idealize or stylistic way.  Also it showed the personality of the person represented in the portrait because it allows the viewer to see how someone is aged and the time being as a ruler.

Egyptian art was mainly known for it’s giant pyramids, and the art found within the pyramids.  Hieroglyphics were a unique writing system created by the Egyptians-with alphabetic elements it created a way to create words and stories.  Hieroglyphics were found throughout Egypt but more of the interesting ones were found in tombs.

The greatest Egyptian art was found in the tombs of pharaohs and although many tombs were robbed there is still plenty of art to be shown.  King Tut’s tomb is described to be the best preserved royal tomb ever discovered(source 1).  King Tut’s death mask was the most valuable art work found with in the tomb-it’s made of gold inlaid with colored glass and gemstones.  The emblems on the forehead is a vulture and cobra and on the shoulders are falcon heads(source 2). (source 1) 2) 3)

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