Roman and Egyptain ART.

I am interested in discussing  Roman and Egyptian art and how they can compare or contrast against one another.  Even though the Romans are more similar to the Greeks, I would like to discuss as much as I can between Roman and Egyptian art.  Even with the Greeks in the bunch it could still be an interesting topic to discuss.

The Romans were known for their sculptures during the fourth century B.C. because they used the same or similar style as the Greeks did.  The Greeks sculpture techniques were magnificent because of their use of the “contro posta”-which gave the human sculpture a look to it where the bodies weight was shifted on one side and balanced by the other.  Also the Romans would idealize some of the features within the face/head area.   During the time this style was the most popular and drew a lot of attention throughout the world.  Roman’s would use marble and bronze to make their sculptures, just like the Greeks would do.  It may sound like the Romans were stealing the idea of the Greeks but I believe they were just borrowing the idea.  As an artist you look to other artists to help your overall techniques and to correct flaws that you might have-this can be useful to many people when it comes to certain works of art.  For example, the Romans would use the Greeks idea of creating a sculpture with a Greek god or athlete and apply a Roman portrait head.

For the Egyptians way of doing sculptures, they could be large in size like pyramids or life size sculptures and others were small for decorative use.  Egyptian sculptures were mad from stone, clay, wood, metal, and ivory and also the sculptures had many colors from it being painted or from stones and jewels.  The figure composition would be strictly frontal and was idealized in some areas.  Most Egyptian sculptures were more popular when it came to the Pharaoh’s tombs and death masks that they would create.  This was done with such craftsmen-ship and detail, by doing this it prepared the Pharaoh’s for their “after-life”-showing the gods that they were prepared and to show their height of power.


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